Doing to Done™️️

Productivity Masterclass

Discover how you can cultivate quick wins that lead to big-time impacts in all areas of your life as you and your fellow participants engage in 7 hands-on experiences that will transform the way you work. The Doing to Done workshop will help you tame the chaos + decrease the overwhelm in your day-to-day so you can enjoy a simplified + magnified life.

Skills We'll Develop Together

Through a personalized + transformative experience, we’ll create a foundation of skills + tools that you can use to enhance + improve every aspect of your life.
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Clarification Techniques: We'll learn, practice, and apply easy-to-implement techniques that help decrease overwhelm and turn chaos into clarity

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The 20/80 Method: We'll turn chaos into clarity with ease by using productivity templates and by applying the Doing to Done 20/80 method

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A Zen Perspective: We'll experience welcomed feelings of calm, relief, and peace, having gained an invigorating optimism for a better future filled with unlimited possibilities

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Quick-Win Cultivation: We’ll learn to score quick wins that lead to big-time impacts in all areas of your life

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A Disciplined Mindset: We'll practice strategies that eliminate digital distractions, organize mind clutter, and combat wasteful uses of time

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Quiet Confidence: We’ll gather + apply all the skills we gain through our hands-on experience to create a humble, yet assured sense of confidence

Doing to Done™️️ is a simple, powerful system for taming chaos and finding clarity, so you can live—and lead—your best life.



"As a former CEO of a project management firm, I know all too well how business systems can become too complicated and cumbersome. [Mike's Doing To Done] approach instead invites us to simplify in order to gain clarity in both business and life."

Rose Cook, PMP
Former CEO of FlexPro

"I’ve practiced some amazing productivity methodologies, and most have three problems: too complex, too wordy, and lame AF. [Mike's] system will change your life and help you be the best version of YOU, if you let it."

Stephen Lease
CEO of goodr

"Mike's methods have helped me manage a global business with significant results, while also parenting, taking care of elderly parents, coaching high school and recreational sports. Mike’s proven methods are exceptional, and I am proud to call him my coach."

Jeff Boliba
COO of

Purchase Options

Participate in 7 transformative experiences, where Mike Williams teaches you and your organization how to begin cultivating small + simple wins that will have a lasting effect throughout the rest of your life.

On Demand Workshop


In just 90 minutes, you'll get access to the Doing to Done methodology. Experience it wherever and whenever is most convenient for you.

Virtual Instructor Led


Mike will join your team virtually for a day and personally guide you and your colleagues as you learn and experience the Doing to Done methodology together.

In Person Instructor Led


Participate in an up-close and personal journey through Doing to Done. With Mike in-house, you'll engage in a tailor-made experience that makes Doing to Done even more real.