Trainer Certification & Licensing for Organizations

The Doing to Done model is designed to help companies create a culture of top-tier performance through shared languages, tools, practices so that employees experience more joy and less stress while the business creates the conditions for repeatable and predictable results—increasing value for all stakeholders.

FYI to all our independent consultant friends: our certification journey is only for company teams at the moment. But don't stop doing your thing – we're cheering you on!

Drive Meaningful Change in Areas Such As:

Company Onboarding

Build a foundation of trusted productivity from day one, boosting onboarding efficiency and success.

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Sales Training

Infuse trusted productivity techniques to empower your sales team, fueling peak performance.

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Account Management Training

Strengthen customer relationships with a trusted productivity system that enhances satisfaction and loyalty.

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Manager & Leader Training

Embed trusted productivity into your leadership, nurturing top-tier leaders who drive consistent success.

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Team Training

Leverage the power of trusted productivity to unlock your team's potential, ensuring project triumphs.

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Culture Training

Cultivate a culture of success where trusted productivity flourishes, enhancing accomplishment across the organization.

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Benefits of the Doing to Done™ Model

Doing to Done serves as a foundational program on productivity that supports key training functions such as company on-boarding training, sales and account management training, manager and leadership training, project leadership training, and culture training.

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Embrace the power of a trusted productivity approach! Obtain our Doing to Done license and empower your teams with a streamlined, results-driven method.

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Get Trained

Ignite a chain reaction! Our Doing to Done training cultivates in-house productivity champions, empowering them to cascade knowledge and strategies throughout the organization. Foster a self-sustaining cycle of improvement and achievement.

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Get Results

Experience the transformation! Implementing a trusted productivity system delivers tangible results, enhancing team performance, and fostering company-wide success.

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What’s Included in Your License

Unlock your team's potential with our groundbreaking training program.

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Doing to Done eBook free for all participants.

Rights to use the Doing to Done Productivity Master Class Training Materials.

Doing to Done softcover book at 40% discount.

Rights to train non-profit organizations in your community—our collective “give back.”

Access to the Doing to Done Self-Guided Productivity Master Class and Community hosted on Mighty Networks.

Get up to three customizable versions of our Self-Guided Productivity Master Class, each tailored to meet your company's specific needs such as onboarding, sales, or leadership training.

Simple pricing, Infinite possibilities.

Drive Shared Excellence in Every Corner of Your Organization.

Foundational Flow

  • Tailored for Small Businesses
  • Just $9/day - Empower up to 50 team members with the tools to shine.
  • Transition seamlessly from intention to completion. By nurturing a culture of clarity and efficiency, witness your team elevate from good to great. A solid foundation ensures tasks don’t linger but progress. Scaling training has never been this cost-effective.
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Enterprise Elevate

  • Crafted for Mid-Size Enterprises
  • A mere $19/day - Channel the potential of 51 to 500 team members.
  • Lay the groundwork for consistent, stellar performance. When you create the right conditions, employees not only excel in their roles but also find equilibrium outside of work. Your investment in their growth won't break the bank.
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Mega Mastery

  • Structured for Large Scale Leaders
  • A strategic $75/day - Carve success paths for 501+ driven professionals.
  • Amidst the dynamics of expansive organizations, ensure every team member has a clear roadmap to success. By investing in the right environment, you reap rewards in the form of consistent, superior outcomes. Ambitious growth doesn't mean exorbitant costs.
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Training Investment:

Cultivate champions: Certify your trainers at $599 through our immersive public sessions. Or opt for a custom company-centric event at $14,900, accommodating up to 50 participants. Ignite skills, elevate operations, and watch predictable success become your business norm.
Pricing is for USA only. For international inquires, please contact

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